Product #: 820-SLBUD60

Weight: 60


Dumpster Buddy by Solutex uses industrial grade deodorant granules and other proprietary ingredients that abosrb and neutralize odors caused by putrid liquids known as "Dumpster Juice". Dumpster Buddy contains natural pest deterrents to keep flies and yellow-jackets away.

Dumpster Buudy dumpster deodorizer is the best choice for your community's trash compactor, trash rooms or your restaurant's dumpster. Only Dumpster Buddy from Solutex has been formulated to meet the US EPA's SDSI standard for the use of safer surfactants that biodegrade more readily making it safer for the environment.

Dumpster Buddy can be sprinkled into trash dumpsters, trash cans or near any odor source to eliminate mal-odor problems. Sprinkle as needed to effectively control odors. One application will last 5-7 days. For use in dumpsters, receptacles, compactors, and trash containers. Non-toxic.

Call or email us (customerservice@solutex.com) for bulk pricing of 6 or more kegs.

Price: $135.00

Price: $135.00

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